May 4, 2011 - Post Primary Statement - On this first City Council meeting following the May 3rd primary, I'd like to congratulate council candidates who won their respective races and who will be appearing on the ballot for the general election in the fall. A few of our current council colleagues will be retiring at the end of this term, but most of us will have the opportunity of moving on to November when we face other challengers. We also offer congratulations to our colleague and City Clerk, Regina Moore, and the Honorable Mayor, Mark Kruzan for their primary wins yesterday.

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4/18/11 - As an at-large representative on the Bloomington City Council, I take a thoughtful and inclusive approach to fiscal decision-making and in advancing public services. Balance is required in improving policy, allocating resources and meeting public need. Leveraging resources and seeking common ground are my priorities when identifying community needs and meeting them. Public/private partnerships lead to innovative solutions and strong economic foundations. I encourage cooperative relationships to enhance good government and to promote a thriving economy.

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April 15, 2011 - B-TOP Candidate Guide (http://www.b-top.org/ Bloomington - Transportation Opportunities for People) Susan Sandberg, Councilmember At-Large, Council President 2011 1. What do you think is the most important transportation change Bloomington/Ellettsville can make over the coming decade and why?

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April 4, 2011 - Statement: I'm Susan Sandberg, President of the Bloomington City Council and member at-large running for re-election to a second term. We all expect good government from City Hall. That requires fiscal oversight and stewardship of our resources; physical infrastructure investments, human capital, and incoming revenue. Whenever possible this administration leverages a variety of revenue streams to save City of Bloomington tax dollars when making capital investments and providing city services.

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March 21, 2011 - Statement to the Democracy for Monroe County Forum: I'm Susan Sandberg, running At-Large for re-election to the Bloomington City Council, to keep the position I've held since 2007, and I'm asking for your votes in the upcoming city elections. Serving on the Council is a job I do well, and here's why I'd like to keep doing it.

I take great pride in the City of Bloomington and I'm honored to be a part of its leadership as a councilmember with over four years of experience. The leadership of Bloomington includes Mayor Kruzan and his administration, our highly capable city staff, the many dedicated citizens who serve on our boards and commissions, community leaders in the private and nonprofit sectors, and citizen activists. We are all stakeholders in the stewardship of this vibrant and livable city, and we all need to work together , cooperatively and respectfully… to keep it that way.

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February 22, 2011: Council wants to hear how budget cuts would impact social services By Michael Malik331-4370 | mmalik@heraldt.com February 22, 2011

Pending cuts to the federal budget and their potential impact on local social service programs have prompted the Bloomington City Council to call a special session Wednesday night. Council members called the session - dubbed a community "listening session" - this week to hear from the public about the cuts.

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February 17, 2011: A number of constituent concerns have been pouring in this week regarding proposed cuts to the federal Community Services Block Grant program. In response, tonight I would like to appeal to the community to let us know what you think about these cuts. As many of you are aware, the US House of Representatives has proposed a 60% reduction in funding for the 2011 fiscal year. This will have consequences for our community. If you provide a service to low-income members of this community, and if you are in jeopardy of losing your funding due to the proposals for funding reductions in the 2011 budget, if you are about to close a program that provides immediate relief to those in need or provides longer-term services to those in chronically fragile conditions, we want to hear from you. We also want to hear from other people in the community who will be affected by these cuts.

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